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JCC Ride

JCC Ride indoor cycling classes are free for Health Club members and can be taken by Pool and Community members, or nonmembers with purchase of a JCC Class Pass. Classes are held in our state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio on floor 3M of the JCC.

Please arrive at the 3M studio 15 minutes prior to class to check in with the studio staff. Health Club members need to bring their photo I.D., non-health club members can ride by purchasing a class pass at the 4th or 5th floor welcome desks.

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JCC Ride Update

The JCC offers 12 JCC Ride classes weekly as part of our Group Exercise Program which is free to Fitness Center Members. Pool, community and nonmembers can participate by purchasing a class pass at our 4th or 5th Floor fitness center desks. Our JCC Rides include a variety of styles from road specific riding (using techniques that are modeled off of outdoor riding) to more traditional Group Fitness rides to our unique Video Ride that enables you to ride along to your favorite top videos!

Our state of the art, stadium seating studio is equipped with Schwinn AC Sport Bikes and has the MPower console (and you can leave in the details re: the console.)

Bikes: The JCC Ride program will be getting the Schwinn AC Sport Bike.

Power Meters: JCC Ride is anticipating the arrival of the Schwinn MPower Console which will be coming soon! (They are on back order from the manufacturer and delayed due to the storm.) The MPower Console will enable you to:

  • Measure watts
  • Track speed
  • Measure distance
  • Track calories burned
  • Track RPM (Cadence)
  • Work with heart rate monitors for telemetry heart rate monitoring
  • Download your ride and track your progress from class to class with USB ports!

Shoes: Cycling shoes are are required to participate in our JCC Ride classes. JCC Ride has a limited number of shoes that we loan out to provide you the best ride possible. Our bikes accept the LOOK and SPD clips and we strongly recommend that you bring your own shoes.

Water & Towels: Riders must bring a water bottle and the JCC has installed a water cooler right outside the studio to fill your water bottles. The JCC provides free towels located just insider our studio.

Special events and rentals: Check our schedule for special events and rides such as our Take Flight: ride & Wine Series, Extended Training Rides, Heart Zones Training and more. Additionally the JCC Ride Studio is available for rental for Parties, celebrations and other events. Please contact Whitney Chapman, Fitness Production Manager, 646-505-4385 or to discuss your special event needs.


We are looking forward to expanding our JCC Ride program offerings to include specialty rides and other programs to enhance and expand your riding experience. For now, we will be offering the same JCC Ride classes you already know and love. We are thrilled that you will be joining your favorite JCC Ride instructors on the next leg of our journey!

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